It’s all very well to say how good you are but don’t take my word for it – here’s some feedback from my clients over the years who have been with me on Table Mountain tours and hiking adventures in the Cape Mountains. See what they have to say.

Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic and truly memorable day. The kids loved it and your interaction with them was a sight to behold – you have created a fan club of note! Physically challenging, interactive, educational…it was paradise, thank you for your huge role in making such an experience.

Ian (parent) Western Province Preparatory School - Dad's 'n Lads Table Mt Hike

Thank you so much for a fun and informative hike. Both Barry and I had a strong sense of freedom and achievement on Friday afternoon. As I think I told you, we had been talking about doing a hike for ages but did not feel confident to do it by ourselves. I was pleased that we had the benefit of your experience and knowledge on the hike.

Janine, Cape Town

And thank you once again for the great hikes which we thoroughly enjoyed – they were are real highlight. I am still trying to channel that feeling of standing on Table Mountain taking in the view now I am back to the office and the cool Tasmanian weather.

Cathy, Australia

Just a quick note to say thank you so much for a fabulous morning.  I know I was a little slow (something I need to work on) but truly loved every moment, the waterfall and your delicious croissants being one of the many highlights.  I look forward to joining your group again.

Charmaine, Cape Town

We wanted to write just to tell you how much fun we had hiking Lion’s Head with you and our friends back in September!  We’ve been so sad to be back home – the entire trip was really wonderful.  Our hike with you was definitely a highlight of our time in Cape Town.

Christine, USA

Just some feedback from the Gibsons’ walk on Friday… they ABSOLUTELY LOVED it and said you were a complete star answering all their questions and being such a brilliant and knowledgeable guide.

Claire, Cape Town

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