Types of Hikes

Looking up at the steep cliffs of Table Mountain, it is hard to believe that there are dozens of hiking trails that make their way to the top. It’s a similar story in the rest of the mountains in the Western Cape: seemingly impassable peaks and plunging valleys but all home to well-maintained hiking trails, accommodation and clean mountain streams.
There are different trails – easy, moderate and challenging – for different kinds of hikers and you can choose between half-day and full-day in each category. All of them span the same destinations – Table Mountain, Cape of Good Hope Reserve and the Cape Winelands so you won’t miss out on anything, regardless of how fit you feel you are.
There are also multi-day hikes that give you access to some of the biggest and wildest mountains in South Africa as well as delivering a different side to established favourites like Table Mountain and Cape Point.


Easy walks and hikes

Easy walks and hikes are what they say they are: a selection of trails that involve little or no uphill and downhill. You’ll still enjoy panoramic views and great fynbos, and most trails are a mix of single track and gravel roads.

Moderate hikes

Moderate hikes need a bit of fitness and head for heights. There’s little or no scrambling on moderate hikes (using your upper body strength) but there will be some steep sections and maybe a downhill descent.

Challenging hikes

Challenging hikes are so-called because they involve some scrambling (but not climbing with rope) and very steep hiking up and down. Or they are challenging in their distance – larger routes of over 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) for example. You’ll need to be fairly fit (but not outrageously so) and have a head for heights.

Multi-day hikes

Multi-day hikes range from simple overnight hikes on Table Mountain to multi-day wilderness camping in remote mountain ranges. Accommodation varies from well-appointed cottages with bedrooms and bathrooms to self-catering tented camps and camping in tents. Multi-day hikes require a good level of fitness and appropriate clothing and equipment.


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